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My art is an extension of both my creative expression and a nod to my childhood surrounded by many different artistic works and styles. It was my father who bought me my first set of oil paints, and my mother who arranged for my first formal training with an artist she knew socially. It was in this woman's studio that I learned the basic foundations of color, light and composition. As I entered young adulthood, I experimented more with different mediums, and became fascinated with geometric shapes, numerology, repetition and "unconscious" painting popularized by mid-20th Century abstract expressionists.

As both my parents collected original art, photography, books and sculpture, I was heavily influenced by those works of art I grew up with. Creating art has always been a very cathartic experience in my life. When I paint I feel free. My works are a mixture of both my personality and my personal style. My hope is that my art provokes reaction, and encourages the viewer to explore what it means to them. I try not to influence my audience toward their own response to my works, but hope that they find an emotional connection based on what they see for themselves.

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